We offer direct billing on most insurance plans.

Coventry Pharmacy

We fill prescriptions & also offer immunizations including travel-related vaccines, as well as free COVID-19 and Flu vaccinations for all Albertans.

Calgary Travel Clinics

We are Calgary’s premier one-stop-shop travel clinic! Our services mean that you can book your dream trip without compromising on your health and safety! We offer a complete range of services including consultations, bookings, immunization recommendations, & more.

Coventry Medical Clinic

Our top-class doctors and medical staff ensure that patients are provided with an environment that allows for personalized, complete, & compassionate care.

We also offer travel consultation and vaccinations for children of all ages! From flu season to summer holidays and everything in between, we’ll help keep your family safe and healthy.

Book an appointment to meet our expert travel team! We'll provide recommendations for your travel experience and make sure you're up to date on all necessary immunizations.
Need inspiration for finding your next travel destination? Do you know where you're going, but want to get more information about vaccines for your destination? Look no further! Browse our full destinations list now!
We offer a wide range of vaccines, both travel and non-travel related. If you need any type of vaccine simply contact us and we will arrange your immunization appointment. We also offer free walk-in COVID-19 and Flu shots for Albertans.
View our price list for vaccines. We do direct billing for most insurance plans.
Have an question or inquiry? Check our FAQs or simply reach out!

Grab one of our pre-made kits directly if you're in a hurry!


Premier Destinations

Choose from some of our top travel destinations!

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