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Our Mission

At Calgary Travel Clinics, we believe the personalized touch of healthcare should not be lost, rather it should be a joyful, accessible and community oriented experience. Our mission is to create a welcoming and lively space where all people can find not only the medications and care they’re looking for, but also the support, information and pick-me-up they deserve.

We aim to be a group of pharmacies and travel clinics that knows patients by name, understand their needs and care for their well-being; a place that bridges the gap between efficient healthcare and compassionate service; a place that no matter how you come in, you leave with a smile : )

Meet the Team

We began and continue to be a family-run pharmacy, although with serving increased customers, it is necessary for us to expand our staff we aim to maintain the same values in spirit.

Meet the owners of our original Coventry Hills location: Maqbool (Maq) Ahmed and Humaira Maqbool, who first begun Calgary Travel Clinics in 2017. Maq is a highly experienced Pharmacist with over 25 years of experience, working in many situations, including industrial compounding, retail pharmacies and independent pharmacies, before opening his own pharmacy, together with his wife, Humaira, to provide the empathetic and compassionate healthcare they found lacking in other places. Humaira works as a pharmacy assistant, managing the day to day operations of the pharmacy, ensuring customers are promptly helped, as well as listening to any concerns customers may have and ensuring they are resolved in the best possible manner.

How did we get here?

Our journey was a slow burn that meant having determination, innovation and a strong commitment to the community. We faced the challenges of competing with large, high volume, retail pharmacies, a monumental task. Our solution was to fill a niche by offering personalized care that big-chain stores wouldn’t match. Our values include:

Earning the trust of our community: We understand how important a strong foundation of trust is in healthcare and we embraced this challenge with open arms. We enjoy dedicating time to listen to our customers needs and providing personalized, caring advice. We try our best to make sure that each customer visit is a pleasant experience that ends in a smile.

Expanding our services: Slowly but surely, we expanded our services with the correct education and training. We expanded our services to include more comprehensive care, including immunizations, medication and disease management programs, healthcare for children and greater availability of medications. With the help of your feedback, we look forwarding to keeping up this trend.

Technology Integration: We continue to adapt and integrate technology to provide efficient, modern service with old-school values. We aim to streamline our end of the operations and reduce wait times for customers so we can spend more of our time focusing on personalized care.


What's next?

Calgary Travel Clinics begun humbly from the simple, yet powerful belief of efficient, yet compassionate healthcare. As we look to the future, we’re excited to expand our roles in the Calgary healthcare scene by providing more services for our customers. For the future we envision:

Expanding our services: Funneling our resources to offer more accessible and specialized healthcare services. This includes services such as home healthcare, disease management…

Involving the community: Involving ourselves in the community and partnering with local organizations in need of healthcare, providing education and care, to make sure everyone has access to the care they need and deserve.

Keeping up with the times: Embracing the latest healthcare technologies to continuously provide efficient, accurate and accessible service. This includes expanding our online services while allowing no compromise to our in-person experience for whoever might prefer it.

Enhancing the customer experience: Continuously improving both our facilities and our staff training to make sure every visit with us is joyful, pleasant and informative.

Continuing to build relationships: We enjoy building relationships within the community and with our customers and hope to keep it up with events, feedback and initiatives that help us maintain our values of compassionate healthcare.

By Blue Whales Travel Group